The Lamp with Wings: 60 Love Sonnets

A winner of the 2010 National Poetry Series Prize as selected by Ilya Kaminsky (author of Dancing in Odessa, recipient of the 2004 Whiting Award, the Ruth Lilly Fellowship, among other honors, and co-editor of The Ecco Anthology of International Poetry), Vizsolyi’s work perpetuates NPS’s tradition of promoting exceptional poetry from emerging poets. Kaminksy writes that Vizsolyi’s poetry “is erotic the way Catullus was erotic, and Mayakovsky. The voice is arrogant and tender, it goes ‘on the nerve,’ as Frank O’Hara told us the poet must. This book with knock your socks off. This is real poetry.”

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Selected by

Ilya Kaminsky




[look I am king of the happy poets]

Look I am king of the happy poets
& spend all my days where I am
buried I will leave a baby on the steps
of your door where he little field mouse
licks its tail in the mirror of the nail
i will leave a baby who will grow
to tell you I am just a stranger
he will ask you to teach him things
like how to whistle through two
fingers & make love to a girl so
she likes it it will take him time
to get at what you are hearing & he
will learn to say the things you
love & be king of the happy poets