The Regret Histories

Through an investigation of the haunted spaces where history collides with the modern southern American landscape, The Regret Histories explores themes of ruin and nostalgia, our relationship to a collective past, and the extraordinary indifference of time to memory.

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Selected by

Campbell McGrath





Ghost in the yard, early morning,
the hammock swinging on its own. Rather,
I saw myself reflected in the window
and wanted it to be a ghost, early morning,
the hammock filled with wrens.
Any sign would be enough.
The childhood fear returns, you’re thinking,
nostalgia buried within, held to the shallows,
but it’s more complicated.
This is 1900.
There are many things to purchase.
There’s more than just dying here.
Disease is a good enough excuse,
but this isn’t disease.
We just don’t know we’re changing,
or what we’re changing into.