Dominique Christina

Dominique Christina is a mother, published author of three books, licensed educator, 2 time Women of the World Slam Champion, 2011 National Poetry Slam Champion, 2013 National Underground Poetry Individual Slam Champion, social agitator, and intersectional feminist. She is the only person to win the Women of the World Championship twice. Her work is influenced by her family’s legacy during the Civil Rights Movement. Dominique’s aunt is a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient for being one of 9 students who desegregated Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas. Dominique is sought after to teach and perform at colleges and universities nationally and internationally every year. Her work appears in numerous literary journals and anthologies, the Huffington Post, IBTimes, Poetry Review UK, Poetry Magazine, etc. She is presently working on season two of the HBO series High Maintenance as an actor and contributing writer and does branding for Under Armour.