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2022 National Poetry Series award winners (from left): Adrienne Chung, Olatunde Osinaike, Tennison S. Black, Courtney Bush, and Alisha Dietzman

The National Poetry Series is proud to announce the five winners of the 2022 Open Competition, whose works will be published next year by our participating publishers:

Organs of Little Importance by Adrienne Chung
Chosen by Solmaz Sharif for Penguin Books

Tender Headed by Olatunde Osinaike
Chosen by Camille Rankine for Akashic Books

Survival Strategies by Tennison S. Black
Chosen by Adrienne Su for University of Georgia Press

I Love Information by Courtney Bush
Chosen by Brian Teare for Milkweed Editions

Sweet Movie by Alisha Dietzman
Chosen by Victoria Chang for Beacon Press


Transsexual Voice Contusion by Stephen Ira

Cloud Missives by Kenzie Allen

Autobiomythography by Ayokunle Falomo

The Science of Things We Can Believe by Christen Kauffman

Mountain Amnesia by Gale Thompson

The Cicada by Amanda Dahill-Moore

Complexity of the Foreigner by Antony Fangary

Reasons for the Dark to Be Afraid by Daniel Ruiz

Before abandoning the portrait by Sara Lupita Olivares

Nature by Chaun Ballard

New Ways to Strip Wire by Michael VanCallbergh

Regalos by Elisa Garza

La Casa Roja by Alonso Llerena

Have You Been Long at Table by Leslie Sainz

The Long No Longer by Erin Marie Lynch

The Boat That Brought Sadness Into the World by Eva Skrande

Fox Woman get out! By India Gonzalez

The Star Cabins by Sara Wainscott

Beehive State by Christian Gullette

Afterlife by Michael Dhyne

Fallen Fruit by Despy Boutris

Long Season by Stephanie Horvath

Venom Lessons by Anne Champion

Dis-/appear by Benjamin Landry

Things Now Useless That Recall A Glorious Past by Angie Estes

Generic Husband by Rebecca Hazelton

The Book of Alice by Diamond Forde

After Every Pardon by Sylvia Chan

Heirs of the Body by Caitlin Roach

Re the Waves by Katherine Gibbel

Octobers by Sahar Muradi

What I Did Instead of Love by Barbara Orton

American Elision by Adam Day

You’re Called By The Same Sound by Alicia Wright

Wintering Ground by Colin Bailes

Relief Effort by Raphael Dagold

From Their Salts by Carol Ann Davis

Pocho Kids Build Spaceships, Too by Alan Chazaro

Contemporary Variations of the Flood Myth by Christopher Blackman

Studies for an Embrace by Corey Miller

En Caul by Rebekah Hewitt

Devil Music by Charlie Clark

Samsara at Quantum Zeno by Gabe Gomez

Customary Calculus for Chronicity by Theri Pickens

Little Mercy by Robin Walter

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