Announcing the Winners of the 2023 National Poetry Series Competition Posted in: News

NPS 2023 Winners

The National Poetry Series congratulates the five winners of the 2023 National Poetry Series Competition:

Field Guide for Accidents by Albert Abonado
Chosen by Mahogany L. Browne for Beacon Press

Post-Volcanic Folk Tales by Mackenzie Schubert Poloyni Donnelly
Chosen by Ishion Hutchinson for Akashic Books

The Sky Was Once A Dark Blanket by Kinsale Drake
Chosen by Jacqueline Trimble for University of Georgia Press

Playing With The Jew by Ava Winter
Chosen by Sean Hill for Milkweed Editions

the space between men by Mia S. Willis
Chosen by Morgan Parker for Penguin


Daniel Barnum, Bestiary

JP Grasser, Pathetic Fallacy

Robert Laidler,  Glass Letter

Emelie Griffin, California Pompeii

Jim Whiteside, Clock with Reverse Gears

Afua Ansong, I buried her in the field of lemongras

Talia Bloch, How We Keep Each Other Company

Michael Teig, Everyone Says Hello

Hannah Smith, Common Prairie

Alonso LLerena, La Casa Roja

Ariel Yelen, I Was Working


Margaret Ross, Saturday

Jeffrey Morgan, Every Time You Forget Someone’s Name

Maxwell McDonough, Python with a Dog Inside It

Julia Thacker, All the Flowers Are for Me

Caitlin Roach, SURVEILLE

Brian Gyamfi, What Dragon in the Kingdom of Tongues

Jed Munson, Proof of Concept: Poems

Jessica Ram, Earthly Gods

Keith Wilson, Games for Children

Stefania Gomez, Redwork

Andrew McCord, Dialect and Gesture

Aurora Bones, Almost Untethered and Without Weight


Korey Williams, Wild Indigo

Julián Bañuelos, Las Cancioncitas

Alexandra Servey, eggs

Daniel Moysaenko, Overtakelessness

EG Asher, Now In The Time To Come

Leah Tieger, Disaster Tourist

Keith Donnell, supreme night

Samantha Tetangco, Hope You Blend In: Studies in Color & Light

David Semanki, Ghost Camera

Elizabeth Weaver, Hunger: A Map

Saba Keramati, Self-Mythology


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