Announcing the Winners of the 2018 Competition Posted in: News

The National Poetry Series is proud to announce the winners of the 2018 Open Competition. The selected five manuscripts have been chosen from more than than 1,500 submissions.  With gratitude to our judges and publishing partners, we are thrilled to present the work of these emerging authors, whose prize-winning books will be published in Fall 2019.

Fear of Description by Daniel Poppick
Chosen by Brenda Shaughnessy for Penguin Books

Valuing by Christopher Kondrich
Chosen by Jericho Brown for University of Georgia Press

Eyes Bottle Dark with a Mouthful of Flowers by Jake Skeets
Chosen by Kathy Fagan for Milkweed Editions

It’s Not Magic by Jon Sands
Chosen by Richard Blanco for Beacon Press

Nervous System by Rosalie Moffett
Chosen by Monica Youn for Ecco



2018 Finalists


All the Emergency-Type Structures by Elizabeth Cantwell

Single Lens Reflex by Brian Griffin

Lawn by Ali Power

The Brothers, Perdendo and Perdendosi by Brian Trimboli

Raft of Flame by Desiree Alvarez

Scaffold by Rushi Vyas

In place of a mouth and far flung by Mackenzie Kozak

Funnel Where the Light Might Enter by Christine Robbins

Music from a Burning Piano by Jill McEldowney

A Season by Mike Walsh

Field Holler by William Kelley Woolfitt

I Love You but I Don’t Speak Your Language by Jason Bredle

Ricochet by Hallie Wiederholt

Blueroombrowngreenrooms by Genevieve Kaplan

The Doctor Asks Her to Describe It by Maya Jewell Zeller

Unpromised Land by Francis Santana

Pink Houses by Jenny Browne

Cleave by Tiana Nobile

The Tenant of Fire by Ryan Black

Travesty Generator by Lillian Bertram

Saint Worm by Hailey Leithauser

Best Keep My Name Out Your Mouth by Amaud Johnson

Forever War by Kate Gaskin

Relic and the Plum: Poems by Molly Spencer

gatekeeper by Patrick Johnson

Surfactants by Nick Admussen

Sky of Wu by Judy Halebsky

Women in the Waiting Room by Kirun Kapur

The Encyclopedia Britannica for Homosexual Boys by D. Gilson

Arrangement of Parts by Diana Arterian

Be Thou by Devon Walker-Figueroa

Gone Song by CL Young

Roze & Blud by Jayson Iwen

Some Trace More Permanent by Caroline Manring

The Body Family by Hope Wabuke

Inventory of the Winter Palace by Chris Forhan

The Palliative Suite by Kristofor Minta

Unfamiliar Terms by Amy Allara

Users with Access by Brandon Krieg

The Mistress Washes Prays by Noor Naga

Hot with the Bad Things by Lucia LoTempio

Futureblack by Candace Williams

Harlequinade by Kathleen Balma

Easy Victims to the Charitable Deceptions of Nostalgia by Emily Schulten


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