Announcing the Winners of the 2017 National Poetry Series! Posted in: News

Five manuscripts have been selected as winners of this year’s National Poetry Series!


The Lumberjack’s Dove by GennaRose Nethercott, chosen by Louise Gluck for Ecco

Anarcha Speaks by Dominique Christina, chosen by Tyehimba Jess for Beacon Press

feeld by Jos Charles, chosen by Fady Joudah for Milkweed Editions

What It Doesn’t Have to Do With by Lindsay Bernalchosen by Paul Guest for University of Georgia Press

Museum of the Americas by J.Michael Martinez, chosen by Cornelius Eady for Penguin Books



The following poets were finalists in this year’s competition:

Against Porcelain by Ines Pujos
And So Wax Was Made & Also Honey by Amy Beeder
Argot Patchwork, Singy Memes by Jeanne Larsen
Arrangement of Parts by Diana Arterian
Bastard Star by Micah Bateman
Blame The Woods by Meg Wade
Bound by Korey Williams
California Building by Teresa Miller
chigger ridge by Nicole Callihan
Close Reading: Poems, Fictions, Essays, Lies by Aaron Angello
Collecting Wurlitzers by Ruth Dickey
Comfort by Sarah Heady
Communicatingroups by Stu Watson
Count Four by Keith Kopka
Encyclopedia of Assorted Entities by Elizabeth Robinson
Epilpetic Godhead by Jeffrey Morgan
Expeditions to the Polar Seas by Gale Thompson
Extinction Theory by Kien Lam
Flesh of the Parables by Andrew Miller
Fossils in the Making by Kristin Bagdanov
FOUR FILMS by Michael Marberry
Fruit Geode by Alicia Rabins
Gatekeeper by Patrick Johnson
Ghosts Our Days Become by Jeff Whitney
Glove Box Full of Dirt by Maya Jewell Zeller
Good Dirty Down by cathleen margaret
Hypocrite Shoe by Ryan Black
I Love You But I Don’t Speak Your Language by Jason Bredle
In a Remote Hotel by Hannah Brooks-Motl
Insecurity System by Sara Wainscott
It Is What It Is by Amy Lawless
Master Suffering by CM Burroughs
Muzzle by Brian Clifton
Observational Gestures by Ruth Williams
Our Weather Our Sea by Samuel Ace
Pseudo-Martyr by Charlie Clark
Rasa by Joanne Dominique Dwyer
Red Weather David Kutz-Marks
Sequelae by Rachel Morgan
sign on the dotted line to release the record by Natasha Murdock
Skin after Skin by Vikas Menon
SOPHIA by Catherine Theis
STEPMOTHERLAND by Darrel Alejandro Holnes
Team Photograph by Lauren Haldeman
The Animal At Your Side by Megan Alpert
The Book of Fools: An Essay in Memoir and Verse by Sam Taylor
The Lord of Everywhere by John Hogden
The Milk Hours by John James
The Misfits by Matt Longabucco
To Take Up Space by Anna Meister
Undoll by Tanya Grae
Valuing by Christopher Kondrich
vs Computer by Benjamin Paloff
Vulnerability Index by Elizabeth Robinson
Wilder by Claire Wahmanholm

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