Congratulations to the Winners of the 2021 National Poetry Series Posted in: News

2021 poets

We are proud to announce the winners of the 2021 National Poetry Series Open Competition:

Symmetry of Fish by Su Cho
Chosen by Paige Lewis for Penguin Books

Harbinger by Shelley Puhak
Chosen by Nicole Sealey for Ecco

Extinction Theory by Kien Lam
Chosen by Kyle Dargan for University of Georgia Press

Ask the Brindled_Indigiqueer Poetry from Hawaiʻi by No’u Revilla
Chosen by Rick Barot for Milkweed Editions

Relinquenda by Alexandra Lytton Regalado
Chosen by Reginald Betts for Beacon Press

… Congratulations also to the finalists:

The Wrong End Of  by Casey Thayer

Decohere by Deborah Bernhardt

Women Under the Stars by Maari Carter

Should the Alleluia Return to Us in Ordinary Time by Samantha DeFlitch

Disintegration Loops by Rachel Harkai

Hillbilly Madonna by Sara Moore Wagner

The Right Hand by Christina Pugh

American Etymologies by Matthew Minicucci

But the Orange Tree by Maya Pindyck

The Godless Particle by Sam Witt

Lviv In March / Pneumatic Earth by Nicholas Maione

Daywork by Jessica Fisher

Living Room by Laura Bylenok

Exceeds Us by Leah Osowski

You’re Called by the Same Sound by Alicia Wright

Fire Series by Kelly Hoffer

Almost Still Now by James Shea

To Let the Sun by John Allen Taylor

Janaab-e Shikva [Watchqueen] by Anjuli Raza Kolb

The Trouble with Light by Jeremy Clark

The MOTHERWORLD Devotions by Destiny Hemphill

Debt by Jacob Sunderlin

La Casa Roja by Alonso Llerena

Long Season by Stephanie Horvath

Angels vs. Numbers by Kyle Booten

out takes/glove box by Maya Jewell Zeller

At the Base of Kaaterskill Fall by Mary Moloney

Notice from Electric by Corinna Rosendahl

Plat by Lindsey Webb

Concentrate by Courtney Faye Taylor

Loom State by Laura Romeyn

Cassandra and the Ghost Bees by Christine Robbins

Cant by C. Violet Eaton

Green Island by Elizabeth Countryman

Blocks World by Emma Catherine Perry

Have You Been Long Enough at Table by Leslie Sainz

Reel by Colleen O’Brien

until i too become an arrow by India Gonzalez

Luxuria by Darin Ciccotelli

The Schengen Area Band by Benjamin Tripp

Notable American Weather by Brandon Kreitler

e pluribus by Eric Delp

The Kingdom Perihan by Sarah Deniz Akant



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