Announcing the 2020 National Poetry Series Competition Winners Posted in: News

from left: W.J. Herbert, Trevor Ketner, Teresa K. Miller, Amanda Moore, and Devon Walker-Figueroa

The National Poetry Series congratulates the five winners of the 2020 National Poetry Series Competition:

Dear Specimen by W.J. Herbert
Chosen by Kwame Dawes for Beacon Press 

[WHITE] by Trevor Ketner
Chosen by Forrest Gander for University of Georgia Press

Borderline Fortune by Teresa K. Miller
Chosen by Carol Muske-Dukes for Penguin Books

Requeening by Amanda Moore
Chosen by Ocean Vuong for Ecco

Philomath by Devon Walker-Figueroa
Chosen by Sally Keith for Milkweed Editions


2020 National Poetry Series Open Competition Finalists

Mark Wagenaar, Small Time Paradiso
Marlo Starr, True Love King: A Cold War Lyric
Daniel Ruiz, Reality Checkmate
Christopher DeWeese, Alternative Music
Destiny Hemphill, Motherworld
Eve Alexandra, None of Us in White
Anna Morrison, each morning what I am dies again and what I am rises around me
Kelly Hoffer, Undershore
Jason Gray, All Hail Our Lord and Savior, Grizzly Bear
Miriam Bird, Greenberg Exile Hieroglyphic
Jim Whiteside, The Weight of One’s Body
Julia Bouwsma, Sugaring at the Start of Another War
Samyak Shertok, Operation Rhododendron
Kelleen Zubick, Travelogue
Tracy Fuad, about:blank
Colby Cotton, Figureless in the Wheat
Chelsea DesAutels, Metastasis
Jasmine Smith, South Flight
Ben Kline, TWANG
Spencer Williams, Violate
Arthur Brown, Determinate Appearances
Brian Tierney, Rise and Float
Brandon Rushton, The Air in the Air Behind It
Noah Stetzer, A Two-Body Problem
Jose Hernandez Diaz, The Parachutist
Jennifer Tseng, Not So Dear Gigi
Betsy Johnson, Nails and Wings
Kien Lam, Extinction Theory
Cate Lycurgus, Grace Notes
Brian Tierney, Nu-Age Sleep Aids
Lindsay Ahl, Wild Dogs in Istanbul
Bruce Bond, The Plural of Water
Ryan Ruby, Context Collapse
Yalie Kamara, Besaydoo
Jordan Durham, the blow and scatter and blow
Gale Thompson, Dummy Prayer
Hanae Jonas, Softly Undercover
Raymond Luczak, Glossed
India González, fox woman get out!
Rachel Edelman, Another Exodus
John Goodhue, Johnny
Nathaniel Perry, 42 Poems and a Letter
Felicia Zamora, I Always Carry My Bones
Leah Souffrant, The Same World
Dawn Potter, A Month in Summer
Christopher Adamson, Some Instinctive Need of Distance and Blue
Erin Malone, Site of Disappearance

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